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The Valley is a song by Dan Darrah featuring Nicole Dollanganger that was posted to Tumblr and Bandcamp in 2014.

Lyrics Edit

I pushed your hair behind your ears
To give your face more room to smile

When I switched to measuring
Your illness to months from weeks
I knew bad luck had shown its teeth
The walls have memorized the amounts of steps
It takes to get from my car to your door
I hoped they’d forget
But I won my bet that I’d do that walk a hundred times
Where were you?

Your father shows some face for once
To see his daughter with a smile painted on
Endings make great starting over points
He still can’t bear that truth
He pleas to me:
(Dan & Nicole)
“She will never love me as much as she loved you.
I guess that makes me guilty”

He hopes she finds some solace in the words I whisper
I sleep right by her ear
I whisper 'til she can’t hear me
'Til she can’t