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Reds is a song by Brad Garcia featuring Nicole Dollanganger that was posted to Tumblr in 2014.

Lyrics Edit

She always felt so cold
In her white-walled hospital room
She said, “I need a bit of warmth,
So I can use the reds to fight my blues”
I promised her I’d find a way
To change the lack of color where she hurts

And while she don’t care much for me,
I’d bleed and bruise, and I would kill for her
I watched her fall in love
With that bastard who don't give a damn
To him she's one of many; an “ongoing” one-night stand
And she’s still cold

(Brad & Nicole)
I followed him, pulled out my knife
I stabbed that motherfucker in the throat until he died
And I wiped his blood across my lips
You don't know love until you’ve tasted it

Shivering she cried, “I hope he’s fine”
I painted her room in warm, blood red lies
And she ain't cold
There’s color on every wall
She don't care much for me
I don't care at all